Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, it's been a while.
I seriously can't think to blog when I can just tweet.
I mean, I've got a lot to say, but they're all about different things.
And you don't really need a lot of words. :D
So yeah, Twitter's my thing now.
But once in a while I decide to blog.
Espicially during Malaysian Studies when I've got nothing better to do.
So the update on my life?

Well, we've finished SC trials last term, then I went to Japan for our Spring holidays.
Bought loads of stuff. :D
I was thinking of taking photos and posting them up here, but no one reads it. SO.

The new term has tarted. :'(
Without Ming Feng, Wan Ling and Elisha. :'(
Darn depressing.
There isn't even Tan, Jojo or Daniel. :(
And a lot of peeps are leaving this year as well.

Anyway, last weekend.
Met up with Yan and CY (the only people who read my blog) and Elisha!
We watched Saw 2 and 3.
Yesh yesh, if only he did something. Tsk.
It isn't usually the girl that thinks this way, is it?

Yeah.. And I'm so looking forward to this weekend!
It's a reunion with Jin, Naz, Tiff and me. :D
Wait... I just realized, I'm the only girl. AGAIN.
Oh well.

Yeah, and my cousin Angeline is finally getting married! This weekend as well!
So that's something to look forward to...

Oh, and I've made friends with Ming Feng's ex-girlfriend.
Her name is Colette, she's so silly and cute!
And I absolutely can't wait to meet her!

And I'm considering a Halloween party this year... Should I?
Think, think, think.

Ughhhh. SCs is coming up.
But after that is prom!
Well, it's not REALLY prom, more like a graduation that's called prom. :P
But we're all excited anyway, even the guys!
The problem is... THE DRESS. :/
And.... THE DATE.
I mean, I know WHO I wanna take.
But will he come with me?
And what is the formal etiquette for it?!
I'm so confused... :/

Please people.
If you read my blog, tell me what I can post up!~
And if you have any ideas for short stories ya'll want me to write, comment or something. :D
I'm trying to start a new blog publishing random stories and such things.
So I need ideas to write them.
LOL, I DO have ideas, but they always become too long-winded.
So ideas from ya'll would be great!

P.S. if you want to buy something new to wear, but don't got enough cash.
Come visit our blogshop!
There's lots of cool tees and clothes to buy there.
Some'm been worn, but many haven't been.
And they are CHEAP. :D

Thanks again,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Tree Business

XD The other day, Mr. Kennedy, my IST teacher showed me this awesome website.
It's used to build family trees. :D
Definitely using that in the future. :D
Anyway, I made up a family tree for my AISM made up family.
It's pretty silly.
So I won't post up the link. :P
I know, I know.
But it's better than nothing... Right?

Signing off,

Exams, assesments and other shit.

Well, it's the 30th of August.
We've just finished a 3 day weekend, and we're having a day-off tomorrow for Merdeka. :/
So we've got trial exams coming up in a week or two.
WHICH SUCKS, of course.
Not to mention the 5 assesments we've got due this week and next, all of which I haven't even started yet.
I mean, who would want to create a powerpoint presentation on Syphllis or HIV/AIDS?
Or write a source analysis on first and second hand accounts on the Battle of Long Tan?!
I just can't be bothered. :(
And I mean, exams are coming up. UGH.
I really don't want to fail, but I can't seem to study.
My mind is always either occupied with stupid things, or just empty.
Imagine all the pretty girls there. :(

Chia Yang: You're the only one who read my blog... "=.= So lemme just say, I know I'm being paranoid and all that shit. Or you want me to do something? I did.

Ughhhh! I'm just so tired of all this bullshit.
Not to mention, at the end of this year, my dad'll be spending huge amounts of time in Beijing.
So of course, this has made my mother VERY pissed AND cranky. "=.=
What can I do?
Or something like that! :P

Thursday, July 29, 2010

After Birthday Specials

Well, my birthday was really... Loud?
Everyone else had loads of fun. :/
Kekeke, but IT WAS TOO LOUD. :(
I told the DJ to turn down the music, and he did.
Well, everyone was there and "dancing".
I put the "" because only like... 5 people were dancing.
Everyone else was just standing around them looking.
So obviously I DID NOT want to dance.
But they pushed and pulled and carried and DRAGGED.
So I... RAN. :D
But Stpeh pulled me onto the floor for a while.
And it was only her, and there was no one else so I complied.
So obviously, that was... enjoyable? Right.
Anyway, I spent a lot of quality time with my god-brother, so that was good. :]
And I got some nice presents.
I got CHOCOLATE, from Nathan. (he didn't know that I hate chocolate)
Then on the night before my birthday, I was watiting to see if Kevin sent me an email.
He didn't of course, and still haven't. "=.=
Ouch, that's a stab to my heart.
BUT, I got a BOX full of random presents from my mother, which included:
. Gift card to Amazon.com, Michael's & Albertsons.
. Kitchenware (really cute kitchenware)
. iPad
Twas pretty cool, and I had Amy there the whole time!
So that was epic. :D

But all in all, my favourite birthday present were from Elisha and Kelly. :D
Sha got me a silver bangle and Kelly got me a White Gold and Diamond necklace with my "W". :D


Friday, June 25, 2010

School Production & Birthday Invites

So for this year's school production I was one of the main roles.
Her name is Coral, and she's a 40-something woman whose son died in the Vietnam war and is having a hard time getting over that.
I think I played her quite well?
Quite a lot of people told me I did well, so I guess I did?
But they could just be saying that to make me feel better.
We did two performances.
One at night, the usual one with all the parents.
And another in the afternoon for the whole of Middle School and Senior School to laugh at us.
So I invited my darling God-Brother, Najeem to the afternoon performance.
I thought he wasn't coming when I recieved a text AFTER my performance saying that he was in the Admin Office waiting for me.
He was there!
But he had missed my performance. "=.=
He followed me home anyway, lol.
He helped me write out invitations for my birthday, and I actually forgot a lot of people... "=.=
So I passed out invitations this morning.
Already 3 people told me they can't go.
And ya'll wonder why I didn't want to celebrate my birthday.
2 of the people that can't come are really good friends of mine... "=.=
Let's hope SOME people show up.
Otherwise that'll be pretty embarassing...